Revolutionising ERP SaaS solution in retail business using Image Identification with deep learning models to make Point of Sales and Inventory Management easier than ever. This would empower technically less capable merchants 

and service providers to become digitally capable. 

We're targeting to redesign and currently working on the following 

ERP products in the fields of 

Retail stores Management

Logistics and Warehouse Management

Real Estate and Construction Management

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Innovating a mobile SuperApp which will have inbuilt capabilities for chatting, calling, partial e-commerce, product delivery, sharing cart with friends, online ordering after payment/ sharing payments online with contact before ordering and mainly send/receive location-based reminders within contacts where the SuperApp, with our algorithm using Artificial Intelligence, will automatically identify the product's availability and notify the end-user while nearing the target physical store.


Our Mobile Super App will be seamlessly integrated to homegrown ERP solutions and other ERP softwares of merchants into a network, creating a digital eco-system.  The organization is working to adopt their products readily to the ONDC network

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